Bret Cohen, Daniel Cunha, Cristin Morneau, Kelly Gertridge

The business comes up with a new idea.  This requires the privacy team to check notices, contracts, and laws to see whether it can be done under the company’s current set of obligations.  But what if this involves a new technology not envisioned, or new type of data sharing relationship not specifically disclosed?  This panel will examine the rules around new data uses, and provide strategies on how to be proactive, rather than reactive, to remove common blockers in a way that complies with privacy requirements.


Bret Cohen, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Daniel Cunha, VP, Legal, Opentable

Cristin Morneau, Global Head of Privacy & DPO, Groupon

Kelly Gertridge, Head of Privacy, Atlassian

Bret Cohen

Hogan Lovells

Cristin Morneau

Global Head of Privacy & DPO

Daniel Cunha
Daniel Cunha

VP, Legal

Kelly Gertridge

Head of Privacy