Mike Hintze, Joanne Charles, Courtney Manzel

With the CPRA amendments to CCPA now in effect, this workshop will dive into some of the most challenging CCPA compliance issues businesses need to address.  We will examine the range of consumer rights, documented risk assessments, notice obligations, rules regarding automated decision-making and “dark patterns,” and more. We will look at the state of these obligations today and will look forward to how these might evolve through current and future rulemaking.  And we will take into account how companies can think of CCPA obligations in conjunction with similar (but not identical) requirements of other omnibus state privacy laws in the U.S.

Mike Hintze, Partner, Hintze Law
Joanne Charles, Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft Corporation
Courtney Manzel, Corporate Counsel, Privacy & Data Governance, Volkswagen Group of America


Courtney Manzel

Corporate Counsel, Privacy & Data Governance
Volkswagen Group of America

Joanne Charles

Associate General Counsel
Gilead Sciences

Mike HIntze
Mike Hintze

Hintze Law