Yan Luo, Ashden Fein, Samm Sacks

China is now creating an overarching data-regulatory framework. Its Cybersecurity Law is now three years old and a new draft Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law is in the works. Increasingly armed with provisions intended to have extraterritorial effects, how will these (draft) laws impact the operation of companies doing business in China or with China? This session will discuss these recent developments and explore how these developments might define China’s role in influencing the global cybersecurity and data privacy landscape.

Yan Luo, Partner, Covington (Beijing)
Ashden Fein, Partner, Covington
Samm Sacks, Senior Fellow at Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center & Cyber Policy Fellow, New America


Ashden Fein


samm sacks
Samm Sacks

Senior Fellow
Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center

Yan Luo