Deana Uhl, Kelly Miller, Jennifer Archie

Whether its regulation or changing customer demands, the data privacy landscape is evolving rapidly and the enterprise needs to be a step ahead to anticipate changing tides. This session will explain how anticipating data-related crises, developing a distinct POV, navigating legislation, and keeping current with consumer sentiments will make or break the success of a privacy program. Panelists will discuss how good privacy communications strategy can be built upon strong relationships between technologists, lawyers, and communicators.

Deana Uhl, Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Kelly Miller, Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Jennifer Archie, Partner, Latham & Watkins

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Deana Uhl

Managing Director
FTI Consulting

Jennifer Archie

Latham & Watkins

Kelly Miller

Managing Director
FTI Consulting