Joel Lutz, Brent Hoard, Angelo Stio, Nitish Jayan

Do you know what common online data collection can expose your company to the latest spate of privacy-related class action lawsuits?  Is your basic web functionality exposing you to wiretapping lawsuits?  Are you unknowingly sharing sensitive information through your web forms, cookies, and pixels?  Are the videos on your website creating litigation risk for your company?  Learn about the latest privacy risks stemming from a rash of Video Privacy Protection Act, state wiretapping laws, and texting class action lawsuits.

Joel Lutz, Counsel, Troutman Pepper
Brent Hoard, Partner, Troutman Pepper
Angelo Stio, Partner, Troutman Pepper
Nitish Jayan, Senior Manager, Global Data Privacy Office & Privacy, InMobi and Glance


Angelo Stio

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Brent Hoard

Troutman Pepper

Joel Lutz

Troutman Pepper

Nitish Jayan

Senior Manager, Global Data Privacy Office & Privacy
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