Aaron Charfoos, Mark Seifert, Crystal Ferguson, Jacqueline Cooney, Jeremy Berkowitz, Daniel Sutherland, Aruna Sharma

Cybersecurity is now an area of major focus for the C-suite, and one also of high stakes and rapid change with liability potentially extending into the executive ranks and Board of Directors.  In this Workshop, attendees will learn about the most important developments in cybersecurity law and the current state of play in handling data breaches.  The Workshop will also develop best practices by looking at recent high-profile cybersecurity incidents and deriving do’s and don’ts from these real-world examples.


Panel 1: This panel will provide an overview of new and current cybersecurity regulations that may affect U.S. companies, such as recent White House Executive Orders, SEC and NYDFS Proposed Rules, and more.

Aaron Charfoos, Partner, Paul Hastings (moderator)
Jeremy Berkowitz, Senior Director, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Paul Hastings
Daniel Sutherland, Director and Associate General Counsel, Meta


Panel 2: Customers, security researchers, regulators, and everyone in between expect far more transparency not only once the breach investigation is over but in the middle of the investigation as well.  Come learn from veteran breach response Public Relations specialists on how to talk to your stakeholders when you still don’t even know all the facts yourself.

Aaron Charfoos, Partner, Paul Hastings
Mark Seifert, Partner, Brunswick Group
Aruna Sharma, Global Head of Privacy & Regulatory Affairs, TikTok


Panel 3: We will delve into the often overlooked intersection of Privacy and Information Security laws and how companies can most effectively leverage limited resources to build a more integrated and synergistic compliance program in this conversation.

Jacqueline Cooney, Lead Director, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, Paul Hastings
Crystal Ferguson, Privacy Program Manager,  Paramount


Aaron Charfoos

Paul Hastings

Aruna Sharma
Aruna Sharma

Global Head of Privacy & Regulatory Affairs

Crystal Ferguson

Privacy Program Manager

Daniel Sutherland

Director & Associate General Counsel

Jacqueline Cooney

Arnall Golden Gregory

Jeremy Berkowitz

Senior Privacy Director & Deputy Chief Privacy Officer
Paul Hastings


Brunswick Group