Daniel Barth-Jones, Ann Waldo, Fielding Greaves, James Janisse, Kristen Rosati

PM Workshop

This workshop will provide privacy and security professionals and legal counsel an introduction to the principles of statistical disclosure controls used to de-identify data. The presenters will show how de-identification, when conducted appropriately, not only protects privacy and meets legal requirements but also helps preserve statistical and analytic accuracy. The workshop will discuss the spectrum of potential data identifiability across GDPR, HIPAA and the CCPA. We will also explore the role of de-identified data in biomedical research, analyze the challenges of operationalizing divergent de-identification standards, consider real-world examples of how a data set could meet one legal standard but not another, and update you on recent legislative efforts to better harmonize de-identification requirements.

Daniel Barth-Jones, Professor, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
Ann Waldo, Principal, Waldo Law Offices
Fielding Greaves, Senior Director, State & Regional Government Affairs, AdvaMed
Kristen Rosati, Partner, Coppersmith Brockelman
James Janisse, Assistant Professor, Population Health Sciences, Wayne State University


Ann Waldo
Ann Waldo

Waldo Law Offices

Daniel Barth Jones
Daniel Barth-Jones

Principal Privacy Expert
Privacy Hub by Datavant

Fielding Greaves
Fielding Greaves

Senior Director, State & Regional Government Affairs

James Janisse
James Janisse

Associate Professor, Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences
Wayne State University

Kristen Rosati
Kristen Rosati

Coppersmith Brockelman