Doron Goldstein, Frances Zelazny

There are multiple forces now converging that are driving serious attention and urgency to solving the personal data security problem as never before – continued, massive data breaches; increasing use of biometrics for security and convenience; and the emergence of far-reaching privacy and data protection laws that put the onus of protecting personal data on the private sector. We will discuss the evolving legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding biometric data and authentication – including how biometrics are treated under various laws, and the possibilities of de-identification, anonymization, and pseudonymization – and how decentralized identity management that includes rooted identity and a trusted authentication key can significantly reduce the privacy and security risks inherent in an effective authentication system.

Doron Goldstein, Partner, Withersworldwide
Frances Zelazny, Co-Founder & CEO, Anonybit


Doron Goldstein

Withers Worldwide

Frances Zelazny

Co-Founder & CEO