Thomas Steiner, Sarah Pearce, Juliette Hotz

In the U.K., Brexit is a reality and the GDPR has been retained as part of UK law, yet data privacy issues abound, not least those regarding international data transfers.  There are many questions about adequacy.  In Switzerland, there is a revised Federal Data Protection Act, which has been amended to be in alignment with the GDPR.  How do these different legal regimes ultimately compare with the GDPR?  Does UK or Swiss data protection law require changes in a company’s privacy program that is benchmarked on the GDPR?  What are best practices for multinational clients doing business in the UK and/or Switzerland?

Thomas Steiner, Partner, Laux Lawyers (Zürich)

Sarah Pearce, Partner, Paul Hastings (London)

Juliette Hotz, Senior Counsel, Swisscom

Juliett Hotz
Juliette Hotz

Sr. Counsel

Sarah Pearce

Paul Hastings

Thomas Steiner
Thomas Steiner

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