Maureen Mahoney, Kate Goodloe, Sebastian Zimmeck, Robin Berjon

The emergence of state privacy laws has reshaped the political landscape. We’ll explore how the California Consumer Privacy Act has affected businesses, their approach to compliance, and the impact on consumers. We’ll discuss work being done to develop and implement tools to make it easier to exercise rights, including the Global Privacy Control and CR’s work as an authorized agent. Panelists will describe various state legislative data use models and their legislative predictions for 2022.

Maureen Mahoney, Senior Privacy Analyst, Consumer Reports
Sebastian Zimmeck, Assist. Professor of Computer Science, Wesleyan University
Kate Goodloe, Sr. Director, Policy, BSA/The Software Alliance
Robin Berjon, VP Data Governance, The New York Times

Kate Goodloe
Kate Goodloe

Sr. Director, Policy
BSA, The Software Alliance

Maureen Mahoney

Senior Policy Analyst
Consumer Reports

Robin Berjon

VP Data Governance
The New York Times

Sebastian Zimmeck

Assist. Professor of Computer Science
Wesleyan University