Alexandra Ross, Jocelyn Aqua, Constantine Karbaliotis

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In light of recent events, organizations (both public and private) are scrambling to help bring the COVID-19 outbreak under control, and are using all the mechanisms at their disposal. This includes existing tools such as CCTV and manual processes to check employees’ temperatures, to use of data analytics and cellphone monitoring to track potential spread and contact points for illness and exposure. What are the privacy ethics in times of crisis? We will discuss how privacy professionals support this public emergency, while ensuring the proper balancing of employee privacy rights is maintained and that these measure are proportionate and effective.



Jocelyn Aqua, Principal, PwC
Alexandra Ross, Director, Global Privacy and Data Security Counsel, Autodesk
Constantine Karbaliotis, Counsel, nNovation


Constantine Karbaliotis

Senior Privacy Advisor

Jocelyn Aqua
Jocelyn Aqua

Principal, Data, Risk & Privacy