Benjamin Docquir, Ari Schwartz, Alexander Niejelow

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The emerging EU framework (EU Cybersecurity Act and NIS Directive) creates new rules, and also provides new opportunities for EU-wide certifications of IT products and services. But what are the new legal requirements and how are organizations best to address them? Is the EU moving towards a harmonized cybersecurity law, and how does this combine with the GDPR approach to security and risk-based analysis? This session provides an overview of the EU data security framework and offers a clear analysis of its practical implications for businesses. It will examine potential liability exposure for vendors in Europe and focus on specific issues in the life sciences and financial service sector.

Benjamin Docquir, Partner, Osborne Clarke (Belgium)
Ari Schwartz, Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services, Venable LLP
Alexander Niejelow, Senior Vice President for Cybersecurity Coordination and Advocacy, Mastercard


Alexander Niejelow
Alexander Niejelow

Senior Vice President for Cybersecurity Coordination and Advocacy

ari schwartz400 400x400
Ari Schwartz

Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services

Benjamin Docquir
Benjamin Docquir

Osborne Clarke (Belgium)