From Danielle Citron (Professor of Law, Boston University Law Schoool): “Mary Anne Franks’s book–in the most thoughtful and engrossing way–takes on central problems of our time. How can we reconcile the Constitution’s aspirations with its founders’ experiences and commitments? Is a document written for the most privileged up to the task of a 21st digital age where people retreat to their polarized corners, where the prevailing view of gun ownership has led to the death of the most vulnerable among us, and where the loudest voices not only crowd out those of the marginalized but act as a brute force to deprive them of their crucial opportunities? Franks, writing with in her characteristically bold and engrossing voice, asks us to think hard about these troubling times and offers a vision of the Constitution that is for all of us, not just the most powerful. Franks is a visionary. She is a deep philosophical thinker who makes her ideas accessible to all of us. In short, this book is a tour de force, a must read.”