Constantine Karbaliotis, Jacqueline Cooney

Data management is an essential component of every firm, particularly when it comes to privacy rules and regulations. With the privacy landscape continually evolving, it is more critical than ever for privacy professionals to have a solid foundation in data discovery, data inventory and data retention. In this session, we will discuss the significance of these three important factors and complementary components, and how together they create a compliance trifecta. You will learn how to architect a plan to develop a smart data inventory, operationalize data retention, and leverage data discovery to be ready for the changing privacy landscape in 2023. Join us for this informative and entertaining session and learn how you can put the compliance trifecta to work for your organization!
What you will learn:

  • An overview of the changing privacy landscape and how it impacts data management.
  • An understanding of the compliance trifecta – data discovery, data inventory and data retention.
  • Practical tips on how architecting smart data inventory and data retention.
    Best practices for leveraging data discovery to ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Interactive Q&A session to address your data inventory challenges and questions

Constantine Karbaliotis, Senior Privacy Advisor, Exterro
Jacqueline Cooney, Senior Privacy Director and Chief Privacy Officer, Paul Hastings
Alice Abatzis, Chief Privacy Officer, Paramount.


Alice Abatzis

Chief Privacy Officer

Constantine Karbaliotis
Constantine Karbaliotis

Senior Privacy Advisor

Jacqueline Cooney
Jacqueline Cooney

Lead Director, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
Paul Hastings