Nick Singhvi, Nina Frant

Nikhil Singhvi, previously an assistant director in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, and Nina Frant, previously an attorney-advisor to former FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson, offer a start-to-finish overview of an FTC investigation, covering how targets are selected, how an investigation unfolds, advocacy meetings with FTC leadership, and the different pathways to closing, settlement, or litigation.

Nick and Nina will also turn a critical eye to recent FTC initiatives and examine how they are likely to affect its data privacy and security enforcement docket.  We’ll discuss some of the following issues:

  • The FTC’s expansive use of notice of penalty offenses and why it matters for privacy professionals;
  • Policy statements and the enforcement matters that quickly follow;
  • Novel, and questionable, applications of FTC rules; and
  • The FTC’s use of unfairness claims to address discrimination.

Nick Singhvi, Of Counsel, Covington
Nina Frant, Vice President, Consumer Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Nick Singhvi

Of Counsel

Nina Frant

Vice President, Consumer Policy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce