Aaron Charfoos, Sam Singer, Bryson Bort

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities shook the information security industry when they were disclosed. But the number and severity of vulnerabilities has only gained steamed over the last several years with the Accellion, Microsoft, Solar Winds and Log4J dominating the news. At the same time, regulators are taking notice. Recently, the U.S. SEC apparently lowered the bar for reportable, but unexploited, vulnerabilities. Join us for a discussion of what vulnerabilities are, how to effectively manage them once identified and how your company can effectively use Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure to protect itself.

Aaron Charfoos, Partner, Paul Hastings
Sam Singer, Chief Counsel, Cyber, Boeing
Bryson Bort, CEO, Scythe


Aaron Charfoos

Paul Hastings

Bryson Bort


Sam Singer

Chief Counsel, Cyber