Eric Friedberg, Brian Lichter, Lauren Heyndrickx, Brian Markham

Mid-market companies face many of the same skilled cyber adversaries as do companies with ten times their security budget.  Nation states, sophisticated criminal hacking groups, lone wolves and other top attackers have hacked mid-market companies as part of ransomware, spying, supply chain, and theft of IP attacks. In this session, a panel of CISOs and incident responders will talk through effective solutions to this problem. Spoiler alert: slingshots won’t do.

Eric Friedberg, Co-President, Aon’s Cyber Solutions
Brian Lichter, Vice President, Aon’s Cyber Solutions
Lauren Heyndrickx, CISO, Ralph Lauren
Brian Markham, Chief Information Security Officer, EAB


Brian Lichter

VP, Engagement Management,
Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Brian Markham

Chief Information Security Officer

Eric Friedberg

Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Lauren Heyndrickx

Ralph Lauren.