Ed McNicholas, Hunter Dorwart, Katherine Wang, Mingli Shi

PIPL and the Chinese data security and cybersecurity laws pose considerable challenges to global enterprises.  Although some of these laws use the same concepts as the EU, the Chinese laws are designed to support China’s sovereignty over its data ecosystem.  This desire to subjugate businesses to governmental control is echoing across Asia, particularly as India seems destined to articulate its own privacy vision.  Learn about the practical implications of these laws in this interactive session.

Ed McNicholas, Partner, Ropes & Gray
Katherine Wang, Partner, Ropes & Gray
Hunter Dorwart, Privacy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum
Mingli Shi, Privacy Attorney, Qualcomm


Ed McNicholas
Edward McNicholas

Ropes & Gray

Hunter Dorwart

Privacy Counsel
Future of Privacy Forum

Katherine Wang

Ropes & Gray

Shi Mingli
Mingli Shi

Privacy Attorney