Karen Habercoss, Kim Gold, Ann Waldo

This session will focus on privacy considerations that often arise when participants in the health data ecosystem seek to leverage health data for research and analytics. Issues to be discussed include:  when HIPAA does and does not apply to research and analytics; data valuation and the divergent perspectives of different stakeholders; secondary use of research data; scope of research authorizations and informed consents; GDPR and cross-border transfers; ramifications of non-harmonized de-identification and anonymization definitions under HIPAA, GDPR, and new state laws; and frequently-encountered contract tangles between data holders and vendors over data usage and de-identification rights, indemnification, liability caps, and assignment rights, and how such contract terms may affect mergers and acquisitions.


Kim Gold, Chief Privacy Officer, Genentech

Karen Habercoss, Chief Privacy Officer, Privacy Program, Univ. of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences

Ann Waldo, Principal, Waldo Law Offices

Kim Gold

Chief Privacy Officer

Karen Habercoss

CPO, Privacy Program
University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences

Ann Waldo
Ann Waldo

Waldo Law Offices