Eduardo Bertoni, José Ziebarth, Laura Juanes

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The panel will consider key features of privacy law in Latin America, with particular focus on reform processes that are underway in light of the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe in 2016 and entered into force in 2018. This change in international regulations directly impacts private companies and governments to adapt and comply with the GDPR. Likewise, the GDPR provides that the flow of personal data to third countries may be freely made when those countries have legislation that guarantees, in the opinion of the European Commission, an adequate level of protection. Several countries in Latin America have already begun, for these reasons, reform processes in their domestic legislation to obtain this kind of designation of adequacy.



Eduardo Bertoni, Director, National Access to Public Information Agency, Argentina
José Ziebarth, Director of the Ministry of Economy, Brazilian Federal Government
Laura Juanes, Global Director, Privacy Policy Engagement, Facebook


Eduardo Bertoni
Eduardo Bertoni

National Access to Public Information Agency

José Ziebarth
José Ziebarth

Director of the Ministry of Economy
Brazilian Federal Government

Laura Juanes Micas
Laura Juanes

Chief Privacy & Compliance Officer