Dylan Gilbert, Jaime Lees, Philip Lam, Ayana Miller

This NIST Privacy Framework is a voluntary tool designed to help organizations identify and manage privacy risk to build innovative products and services while protecting individuals’ privacy. Organizations have picked up and put it into practice since its January release. Now it’s time to check in with these early adopters and hear straight from the source how and why they’ve operationalized it. Attendees will hear about implementation use cases, challenges and successes, and adoption tips.

Dylan Gilbert, Privacy Policy Advisor, NIST

Jaime Lees, Chief Data Officer, Arlington County

Philip Lam, Executive Director of Identity, GSA

Ayana Miller, Privacy and Data Protection Advisor, Pintrest



Ayana Miller
Ayana Miller

Privacy & Data Protection Advisor

Dylan Gilbert

Privacy Policy Advisor

Jaime Lees

Chief Data Officer
Arlington County

Philip Lam

Executive Director of Identity