Amit Chauhan, Joel Lutz, Jim Gregoire, James Koenig

Learn how tech industry veterans see companies navigate the path from responding to an FTC enforcement action to proactive privacy practices. Are there noble truths of data management that can lead to privacy Nirvana?  Must your privacy program experience multiple rebirths? Can companies sustain the levels of privacy they achieve in the wake of an enforcement action?  Can the crisis of enforcement serve a higher purpose for your privacy program? Hear experienced privacy leaders share wisdom they’ve gained from real world experience handling FTC enforcement actions.

Amit Chauhan, SVP and General Counsel, InMobi Group
Joel Lutz, Counsel, Troutman Pepper (formerly Meta/Facebook)
Jim Gregoire, Director, Privacy Operations and Compliance, Rivian (former FTC Assessor)
James Koenig, Partner, Troutman Pepper (moderator)


Amit Chauhan

SVP and General Counsel
InMobi Group

James Koenig

Troutman Pepper

Jim Gregoire

Director, Privacy Operations and Compliance,

Joel Lutz

Troutman Pepper