Beth Hill, Chris Zoladz, Rob Rolfsen

The concept and value of addressing security and privacy considerations throughout the system/product development process has been discussed for years.  Absent this practice, an organization is at greater risk of delayed deployment for new systems or products, avoidable costly rework, or worse, deployment without even knowing the security and privacy risks. However, SPbD is only an aspiration without the buy-in of others in the organization, and a clear process for making it part of on-going operations. This session will not be theoretical but we will “keep it real” by sharing our experiences operationalizing SPbD, including approaches, challenges, lessons learned, and critical success factors.

Chris Zoladz, Founder, Navigate
Beth Hill, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, FordDirect
Rob Rolfsen, Chief Privacy Officer, Asurion

Beth Hill
Beth Hill

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

chris zoladz
Chris Zoladz


Rob Rolfsen

Chief Privacy Officer