Arianna Evers, Ali Jessani, Brian Ray, Dalia Ritvo

Using biometric privacy laws and proposed federal legislation as a case study, this panel will discuss some of the policy questions that have arisen in the implementation and enforcement of those laws, for example, whether consent is the appropriate mechanism, whether and how to address considerations of fairness and accuracy, and enforcement. In the absence of a federal privacy law, these are questions that are arising in other contexts as well, including IoT and artificial intelligence, and that state and federal policymakers will need to grapple with as they try and regulate new technologies.

Arianna Evers, Partner, WilmerHale
Ali Jessani, Privacy & Cybersecurity Group, WilmerHale
Brian E. Ray, Director, Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection
Dalia Ritvo, Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Attorney General’s Office

Ali Jessani
Ali Jessani

Senior Associate

Arianna Evers

Special Counsel

Brian Ray

Center for Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection

Dalia Ritvo

Assistant Attorney General
Colorado Attorney General's Office