Marc Zwillinger, Felicity Fisher, Christopher Soghoian, Kelly Gertridge

This session will cover what steps U.S. importers can take in the short-term to address the deficiencies found in the CJEU’s decision in Schrems and over the long-term to address judicial redress issues in the U.S. Marc Zwillinger, co-author of Supplementing SCCs to solve Surveillance Shortfalls, and appointed amicus at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, will discuss practical solutions that can help data imports continue in the short-term while Felicity (Flick) Fisher will delve into the necessary GDPR analysis that needs to be done on a case-by-case basis to enable data transfers to all third-party countries, even beyond the U.S. Additionally, senior congressional staff will address potential short- and long-term legislative remedies that can be considered.

Please note: This session is closed to the press.

Marc Zwillinger, Founder, Zwillgen
Felicity Fisher, Partner, Fieldfisher
Christopher Soghoian, Sr. Technologist & Sr. Advisor for Privacy & Cybersecurity, Office of Sen. Ron Wyden
Kelly Gertridge, Head of Privacy, Atlassian

Christopher Soghoian

Sr. Technologist & Sr. Advisor for Privacy & Cybersecurity
Office of Sen. Ron Wyden

Felicity Fisher


Kelly Gertridge

Head of Privacy

Marc Zwillinger
Marc Zwillinger

Managing Member & Founder