Maki DePalo, Daniel Felz, Jordan Sanderson

Businesses have historically driven online revenue by offering personalized customer experiences, recommendations, and multi-touch marketing – all optimized via data feedback & analytics from the broader web. However, U.S. and international privacy laws have begun to take aim at some of the underlying data processing and sharing practices companies typically employ to foster these relationships. Further, new data privacy rules issued by Apple and Google are upending decades of mobile marketing practices. This session offers a roadmap for compliance with these regulatory and commercial changes – and a path forward for the personalized customer experience in a new era of digital privacy.

Maki DePalo, Partner, Alston & Bird
Daniel Felz, Senior Associate, Alston & Bird
Jordan Sanderson, Customer & Market Insights, Marketing, Chick-fil-A


Daniel Felz

Alston & Bird

Jordan Sanderson

Customer & Market Insights, Marketing

Maki DePalo

Alston & Bird