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Conference Admission


Admission to the upcoming Privacy + Security Forum, 2 conference days, plus admission to the pre-conference day. (This admission ticket can be purchased as an add-on to the CLE Certification.)

CPSA Renewal

  1. Submit the below application for renewal with your current contact information.
  2. Submit 10 credits of continuing education (CE) in privacy and security law.
  3. Pay the annual certification renewal fee of $99.

Retake the CPSA Exam

From: $199.00

Retake the CPSA Exam to become a Certified Member of the Privacy + Security Academy. Please select optional add-ons to prepare for your CPSA exam.

CPSA Certification

From: $499.00

Apply for the CPSA certification. Additionally, you may select optional add-ons at a discounted rate: practice exam(s), online course(s), and a discounted admission ticket to the Privacy + Security Forum. You may also purchase add-ons at a later date at full price.