Kim Peretti, Scot Lippenholz, Mitchell Granberg, Ryan Leszczynski

This panel will discuss the evolving threat landscape of ransomware and strategies to keep data secure in response to these new risks. It will examine the impact of recent developments related to changes in attacker behavior and the legality of ransom payments. The panel will also consider the role of in-house and external counsel in guiding a company through a ransomware incident to maximize privilege.

Kim Peretti, Partner, Alston & Bird
Scot Lippenholz, Director of Incident Response, CrowdStrike
Mitchell W. Granberg, Chief Privacy Officer, Optum
Ryan J. Leszczynski, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, Cyber Division Liaison, National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance

Kim Peretti

Alston & Bird

Mitchell Granberg

Chief Privacy Officer

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Ryan Leszczynski

Supervisory Special Agent
FBI, National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance

Scot Lippenholz

Director of Incident Response