Yan Luo, Stacey Steele

2021 is likely to be an important year for data governance in China. Two important draft laws, the Personal Information Protection Law and the Data Security Law, are likely to be finalized within the year. Together with the Cybersecurity Law, which took effect in 2017, these three laws will form the future regulatory framework for data governance in China for the years to come. These laws are overlapping, but each of them has their own focus. How will these legislations interact with each other? How will they impact multinational corporations in China, especially companies in regulated industries such as financial services? How these developments will define China’s role in influencing the global cybersecurity and data privacy landscape? This session will explain recent developments and discuss the potential impacts.


Yan Luo, Partner, Covington (Beijing)

Stacey Steele, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer & Associate General Counsel, S&P Global


Stacey Steele
Stacey Steele

Deputy CPO & Assoc. Gen. Counsel
S&P Global

Yan Luo