Gail Kent, Rachel Gibson, Jim Baker, Evan Greer

End-to-end encryption is often presented as a technical issue that simultaneously improves cybersecurity and data protection whilst impeding law enforcement investigations. In this panel we’ll look at the real world benefit of end-to-end encryption, examining a variety of scenarios that impact users of messaging including fraud, domestic violence, women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, national security and war. We’ll also look at the ability of companies who provide end-to-end encryption to continue to invest in countering child sexual abuse and work with law enforcement, without breaking encryption. This panel is for anyone that has implemented e2ee, is interested in implementing e2ee or is just curious to learn more about e2ee.

Gail Kent, Messenger Global Policy Director, Meta
Rachel Gibson, Gender-Based Violence & Technology-Facilitated Crime Consultant, RG Williams Consulting
Jim Baker, Former Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Legal, Twitter (X)
Evan Greer, Director, Fight for the Future

Reading Materials:

Evan Greer

Fight for the Future

Gail Kent

Messenger Global Policy Director

Jim Baker

Former Deputy General Counsel and Vice President
Twitter (X)

Rachel Gibson

Gender-Based Violence & Technology-Facilitated Crime Consultant
RG Williams Consulting