Nancy Perkins, Ericka Watson, Daniel Barth-Jones

What options does an organization have if it has collected personal data for one purpose and later — months or years later — seeks to use that data for another purpose? Must consent for the secondary use be obtained? What if the individuals to whom the data relates cannot be contacted to request consent? Must the data be de-identified prior to any further use? Or would consent be required to undertake de-identification? This panel will explore these questions in relation to existing law, proposed legislation, and policy considerations for particular contexts, including but not limited to scientific and medical research.

Nancy Perkins, Counsel, Arnold & Porter
Ericka Watson, Chief Privacy Officer, Regeneron
Daniel Barth-Jones, Principal Privacy Expert, Privacy Hub by Datavant

Daniel Barth Jones
Daniel Barth-Jones

Principal Privacy Expert
Privacy Hub by Datavant

Ericka Watson

Chief Privacy Officer

Perkins Nancy
Nancy Perkins

Arnold & Porter