Elizabeth Canter, Kate Goodloe, Kristen Hilton, Tanya Madison

This workshop looks at the most important developments on the state level. California has received significant attention over the past year given the CCPA and a new ballot initiative, but there are a number of other important state developments, including, most recently, a newly enacted Virginia privacy law. So far in 2021, we have seen state legislatures in Florida, Washington, New York and elsewhere take steps to move forward in 2021 with proposals for their own comprehensive privacy laws, which diverge in important ways from the CCPA and CCPA copycat legislation. In addition, the Uniform Law Commission is working to develop model state privacy legislation. The first part of this workshop will do a deep dive on these state proposals and the key battlegrounds and issues in the proposals. The second part of the workshop looks to other important state law developments, including the proliferation of litigation under the Illinois biometrics laws and state debates over facial recognition and other biometric privacy issues. Other key topics under debate by state policymakers include regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and data security and breach notification developments.


Elizabeth Canter, Partner, Covington & Burling

Kate Goodloe, Senior Director, Policy, BSA | The Software Alliance

Kristen Hilton, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice

Tanya Madison, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Aristocrat Technologies


Kate Goodloe
Kate Goodloe

Sr. Director, Policy
BSA, The Software Alliance

Kristen Hilton

Sr. Assistant Attorney General
Oregon Department of Justice

Libbie Canter

Covington & Burling

Tanya Madison

Chief Privacy Officer
Aristocrat Technologies