Dan Frechtling, Kirk Nahra, Jen Garone

This year, the definition of health data has broadened. State laws and federal enforcement move into new territory. At the same time, the gap between regulatory expectations and company compliance has widened.

This session will cover four areas:

  • Overview of regulatory and legal developments in 2023
  • Operational challenges of privacy compliance with health regulations
  • Empirical data on companies’ online data sharing practices
  • Implications for companies collecting and using health-related data


Dan Frecthling, CEO, Bolive
Kirk Nahra, Partner, Wilmerhale
Jen Garone, Privacy, Data Governance And Security Leader, Privacy by Design, LLC

Reading Materials:


Dan Frechtling


Jennifer Garone

Privacy, Data Governance And Security Leader
Privacy By Design, LLC

Kirk Nahra
Kirk Nahra