Christine Lyon

Privacy professionals have more work on their virtual desks than ever, between keeping up with the continual expansion of global data protection laws and keeping tabs on new data-driven initiatives by their business teams. Many companies are realizing that their privacy teams lack sufficient resources and authority to manage privacy compliance throughout the business, and are reassessing how to best structure their privacy governance programs. Join us for a panel discussion of privacy leaders in data-driven businesses as they share their insights about emerging best practices in structuring your privacy governance program and increasing its reach and influence throughout your organization. Topics will include:

  • Common organizational structures for privacy governance programs (e.g., within the legal department, within the compliance organization, or separate privacy office) and their pros and cons
  • Assessing whether your company needs a Chief Privacy Officer, and factors to consider in selecting a CPO (or accepting appointment as a CPO)
  • Expanding your formal and informal relationships with your CSO, CISO, and IT and information security functions
  • Practical strategies for implementing, monitoring, and tracking privacy by design principles across the business

Christine Lyon, Partner, Freshfields


Christine Lyon
Christine Lyon