David Keating, Aaron Ting, Chuck Cosson

Content personalization is an objective of many digital marketing teams. The solutions and technologies that drive content personalization in digital environments are evolving at a rapid pace.  This accelerating level of innovation is powered by enormous investments in data analytics focused on providing contextual experiences to consumers online, in mobile apps, and through other digital consumer interfaces. The innovative solutions that result can create novel challenges for privacy professionals tasked with supporting digital marketing teams.  They can also lead to new consumer experiences, e.g., cookie banners, which privacy professionals may need to implement.


This panel will focus on the effect of new and emerging state privacy regulatory standards on digital platform content personalization. The discussion will include the impact of evolving consumer choice frameworks and automated decision-making standards on the uses of data that power the ability to provide personalized experiences to consumers.  Key takeaways will include:

  • An understanding of emerging trends in privacy regulation of digital content personalization.
  • Insights into the impacts of new rules concerning automated decision-making in the U.S.
  • Practical suggestions for privacy professionals in the analysis of new content personalization initiatives under applicable privacy regulatory standards.


David Keating, Partner, Alston & Bird

Aaron Ting, Associate General Counsel, Facebook

Chuck Cosson, Director, Legal Affairs, T-Mobile


Aaron Ting
Aaron Ting

Associate General Counsel

Chuck Cosson

Professor of Law
Seattle University Law School

David Keating
David Keating

Alston & Bird