Eric Friedberg, Steve Neiers, Alex Iftimie, Noah Rubin, Rich Jacobs

The SolarWinds zero-day attack exploited a common security tool by leveraging its highly-trusted position in the network. This panel of technology, security, intelligence community, privacy and incident response experts will explain the broader state-sponsored cyber initiatives into which the attack fits; how the attack affected the private sector; how to strengthen the cyber supply chain; and the challenges faced by private sector companies in battling sophisticated, zero day and nation-state attacks.

Eric Friedberg, Co-President, Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company

Steve Neiers, former CISO, Chevron

Alex Iftimie, Partner, Morrison & Foerster, former DOJ National Security Division lawyer

Noah Rubin, Aon Cyber Solutions

Rich Jacobs, Assistant Special Agent in-Charge of the Cyber Branch, FBI


Note: This session will not be open to members of the media


Alex Iftime
Alex Iftimie

Morrison & Foerster

Eric Friedberg

Aon’s Cyber Solutions

Noah Rubin
Noah Rubin

Aon Cyber Solutions

Rich Jacobs

Assistant Special Agent in-Charge of the Cyber Branch, FBI

Steve Neiers
Steve Neiers

former CISO