K Royal, Maggie Gloeckle, Ashley Slavik, Debra Bromson

In this interactive session, participants should learn and take away the following: (1) the rules of the game and new requirements; (2) vendor oversight; (3) building relationships and strategic alliances; and (4) overcoming common obstacles.

K Royal, Lead Privacy Counsel, Outschool
Maggie Gloeckle, Assoc. Gen. Counsel, Head of Global Privacy, A+E Networks
Ashley Slavik, Chief Privacy Officer & Lead Data Counsel, Veeva Systems
Debra Bromson, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorney

Ashley Slavik
Ashley Slavik

Chief Privacy Officer & Lead Data Counsel
Veeva Systems

Debra Bromson

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Attorney

K Royal
K Royal

Lead Privacy Counsel

Maggie Gloeckle

Chief Privacy Officer
HP Enterprises