Dan Frechtling, Justin Brookman

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but many organizations dealing in health data don’t realize the information they share until it’s too late. Consent errors—when opt-outs are misinterpreted–occur over one-quarter of the time. Website tag errors–when analytics and interest-based ads mistakenly fire—occur at a similar rate. Both of these can obscure opt-out signals and accidentally share PI. This session will discuss new research on the types of tags, cookies and vendors with the most consent errors. The session will also explore structure and vulnerabilities within the online ad and tag ecosystem, how these vulnerabilities complicate compliance with laws and regulations, and ways to remediate.

Dan Frechtling, CEO, Boltive
Justin Brookman, Director, Privacy and Technology Policy, Consumer Reports


Dan Frechtling


Justin Brookman

Director, Privacy and Technology Policy
Consumer Reports