Debra Farber, Jim Nasr

Organizations are demonstrating increased interest in exploring uses of distributed ledger technology (DLT) like blockchain, hashgraph, or tangle for trusted transactions between untrusted parties. However, there are five fundamental obstacles to overcome before distributed ledgers can be widely adopted across industries and geographies: (1) Performance, (2) Security, (3) Governance, (4) Stability, and (5) Regulatory Compliance (including privacy).

In response to these needs, Hedera Hashgraph has built a compliant decentralized architecture, that can help solve for certain data privacy compliance challenges presented by naïve implementations of DLT, while making possible new data privacy compliance mechanisms that are consistent with principles of user empowerment and control over how their identity attributes are collected, stored, processed, and shared. These principles are central to the GDPR and other data privacy regulation frameworks around the globe.

Join our panel discussion to hear from top legal minds whose companies are building in the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem and learn how they’ve turned DLT into a privacy-enhancing technology (PET) that not only enables privacy compliance, but strengthens privacy protections, security, and overall trust for their customers.

Debra Farber (moderator), CEO, Principled LLC, Privacy Strategist, Hedera Hashgraph

Jim Nasr, CEO, Acoer

Debra Farber


Jim Nasr