From Dina Temple-Raston, Washington Post: “Zegart provides not just a sweeping history of the U.S. intelligence community but also nuggets that help place events in a new context. . . . A perfect primer for anyone trying to understand how the intelligence community is meeting the challenges of the digital age.”

From Harvey Klehr, Wall Street Journal:  “A lucid and sobering account of how digital and other technological breakthroughs are ‘generating new uncertainties and empowering new adversaries’ for the United States at a time when its intelligence agencies are uniquely stressed. . . . Zegart offers no easy solutions but warns that the world of cyberwarfare requires both a ‘paradigm shift’ and ‘mobilization in milliseconds.’ In the new world, national security must take precedence over intelligence gathering, enabling decision makers to respond forcefully and quickly to cyberattacks. The divide between Washington and tech giants must be bridged or a day of reckoning will surely come.”