On Rumors

Cass Sunstein, On Rumors (2009)

A very short essay on the damage wrought by false online rumors and a discussion of how and why such rumors spiral out of control, such as the phenomena of social cascades and group polarization. The book is worth reading, but quite short for a book (only 88 pages of primary text, in a very…

Harboring Data

Andrea Matwyshyn (editor), Harboring Data: Information Security, Law, and the Corporation (2009)

Matwyshyn’s book focuses on data security, and it contains essays from a really top-notch group of experts. It explores data security breach notification laws, as well as the security of various kinds of data (trade secrets, patents, financial, health, children’s information). The book also nicely weaves together several disciplines — law, business, and technology.

Privacy in context

Helen Nissenbaum, Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life (2009)

This book provides a refreshing, contemporary look at information privacy in the twenty-first century. Nissenbaum persuasively argues that privacy must be understood in its social context, and she provides an insightful and illuminating account of how to do so. For anyone considering the burgeoning problems of information privacy, Privacy in Context is essential reading.

Dragnet nation

Julia Angwin, Dragnet Nation (2014)

Angwin’s book is a very accessible and engaging account about the collection and use of personal data. She has a knack for finding ways to describe privacy, surveillance, online tracking, and other issues in vivid and relatable ways. These issues can be abstract and challenging, but Angwin is great at creating compelling stories and making…