Constantine Karbaliotis, Jeff Brueggeman

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly influences the realm of data management, the broader industry grapples with a pivotal concern: Does AI facilitate or hinder compliance efforts? AI, with its advanced data processing and decision-making abilities, presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations aiming to adhere to privacy and security standards. In this discussion, we will delve into the implications of AI on data management practices from a compliance perspective. Our panelists will discuss if AI acts as an enabler of streamlined compliance, or if it complicates the landscape with added intricacies and potential pitfalls. We will try to shed light on insights from a recent study that engaged 170 top-tier professionals in privacy and compliance domains. This research highlighted a notable gap between organizations’ perceived compliance readiness and the actual adequacy of their data management strategies.

Key takeaways:

  • Delve into how AI-driven data categorization aids in pinpointing sensitive data, and enhancing compliance measures in data management.
  • Grasp the inherent privacy and security challenges posed by AI’s role in data preservation.
  • Recognize the significance of robust AI governance structures.

Engage in this enlightening discussion as we dissect AI’s influence on data management compliance, weighing its advantages and potential pitfalls. Acquire a deeper understanding of risk mitigation, compliance optimization, and the ethical utilization of AI. Arm your organization with the expertise and governance to traverse the dynamic domain of AI in data management and retention, ensuring both privacy protection and adherence to regulatory standards.

Constantine Karbaliotis, Senior Privacy Advisor, Exterro
Jeff Brueggeman, VP, Global Public Policy, AT&T

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Constantine Karbaliotis

Senior Privacy Advisor

Jeff Brueggeman
Jeff Brueggeman

VP, Global Public Policy