Graham Dufault, Paula Bruening, Samir Jain

Over the last few years, the private right of action has acted as a key stumbling block in negotiations over a comprehensive privacy law. Now, with recent hearings on the Hill revealing some progress on that front, another detail has emerged as a potential obstacle: whether to allow covered companies to enforce pre-dispute arbitration clauses. This panel will discuss what role, if any, pre-dispute arbitration should have in a private right of action and explore how Congress can find solutions.

Graham Dufault, Senior Director for Public Policy, ACT | The App Association
Paula Bruening, Founder & Principal, Casentino Strategies
Samir Jain, Director of Policy, Center for Democracy and Technology

Graham Dufault
Graham Dufault

Senior Director for Public Policy
ACT | The App Association

Paula Bruening
Paula Bruening

Founder & Principal
Casentino Strategies

Samir Jain

Vice President of Policy,
Center for Democracy & Technology