Steven Roosa, Daniel Rosenzweig

Almost all companies have a consumer-facing app or website. Under existing privacy laws around the world, companies are obligated to know the full range of data collected from users and transmitted to third parties. Violating these laws can result in large fines, brand-damaging publicity, and risk potential litigation.

Our experience with clients has shown that most companies are blind to data leakage from their apps and websites because their traditional cybersecurity solutions are focused on the company data center, not the user’s device (e.g. smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.). As a result, data skinning attacks like Magecart can go unnoticed, resulting in fines, regulatory action, and bad PR. An international airline was fined $26m over its data breach.

NT Analyzer steps into the shoes of a user and removes the blind spots, allowing a company to catalog all of the collected and disclosed data, and identify relevant risk. Join Norton Rose Fulbright lawyers Steven Roosa and Daniel Rosenzweig for this interactive session where they will explore best practices in managing digital privacy risk.

Steven Roosa, Head of NRF Digital Analytics & Technology Assessment Platform, Norton Rose Fullbright

Daniel Rosenzweig, Associate, Norton Rose Fullbright

Daniel Rosenzweig

Norton Rose Fullbright

Steven Roosa
Steven Roosa

Head of NRF Digital Analytics & Tech Assessment Platform
Norton Rose Fulbright