Jessica Lee

The convergence of health data and artificial intelligence (AI) presents a complex and evolving landscape of legal challenges and opportunities. Our panel will cover:

  1. Data Privacy Regulations in Healthcare
    • Washington state, state privacy laws, HIPAA, CIMA, etc. and their impact on the collection, storage, and sharing of health data for AI-driven applications.
  2. AI in Medical Research: The legal considerations surrounding the use of AI in medical research including consent, de-identification, and the sharing of research data.
    • The intersection of informed consent and privacy consent
    • Patient Data Access and Control
  3. AI in Health Tech 
    • Data Sharing and Interoperability
  4. Building a Review Cycle for Privacy And Ethical Data Use 
    • Addressing the legal aspects of AI bias, fairness, and transparency, and mitigating potential discrimination issues in health data analytics.

Jessica Lee, Partner, Loeb & Loeb

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Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee

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