CE Requirements

What is the continuing education (CE)requirement?

You need 10 CE credits each year to maintain your CPSA. CPSA credits may be obtained by attending Privacy + Security Academy courses, events, or programs, as well as those of other organizations. We maintain a list of pre-approved CPSA events on our website. For non-pre-approved CE courses, events, or programs, you must submit information about the course/event/program via our website, and we will evaluate and determine eligibility.

How can I maintain my CPSA certification?

The CPSA certification is valid for one year. Each year you will be required to do the following three steps to maintain your certification,:

  1. Submit an application for renewal with your current contact information.
  2. Complete 10 credits of continuing education (CE) in privacy and security law.
  3. Pay the annual certification renewal fee of $99.

Do I have to keep records of my own CE credits?

Yes. You must retain documentation in your own records in the event you are randomly selected for a CPE audit for up to two years after submission.

Submit for Renewal
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