Study for the CPSA Exam

What are the topics covered in the CPSA exam?

We recommend reviewing the topic outline in the handbook and finding out information about these topics.

What books or courses should I use to prepare for the CPSA exam?

  1. Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz, Information Privacy Law (Aspen 7th ed. 2021)

This is the most comprehensive resource (about 1300 pages) to use to study for the exam, but some of the shorter resources below will be quite effective in lieu of this large textbook.

  1. Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz, Privacy Law Fundamentals (IAPP 5th ed. 2019)

This short guide to privacy law covers most of the material on the exam.

  1. Online Information Privacy Law Course Series

A series of 1-hour courses taught by Professors Solove and Schwartz. In preparation of the exam, you can take Professor Solove and Schwartz’s online course series available at the Privacy + Security Academy website. These courses will contain a lot of the material on the exam, but not all of it.

  1. Practice Exam

We offer an online practice exam containing 40 sample questions. You can purchase and take the practice exam the same manner as you would take the actual CPSA exam.

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