A Privacy Certification to Demonstrate Sophisticated Knowledge of Privacy Law

Why Should You Obtain a CPSA Privacy Certification?

Our privacy certification tests on whether you have demonstrated proficient knowledge of information privacy law.  By passing the exam, you’ll become a Certified Member of the Privacy + Security Academy (CPSA).

What Makes the CPSA Different from Other Certifications?

The CPSA certification recognizes you as a professional with fundamental knowledge of privacy and security laws. The certification exam is authored by leading privacy experts, Professors Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz, who have taught privacy law for more than 60 years combined.

The CPSA Certification Is For:

  • Attorneys
  • Privacy Professionals
  • Security Professionals
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Policymakers

How Can the CPSA Privacy Certification Help Your Career?

Obtaining a CPSA credential is a significant achievement. The CPSA exam is a rigorous test designed by law professors. A CPSA privacy certification demonstrates that you are proficient and up-to-date in data privacy.

Exam Preparation Materials

Practice Exam

You can purchase and take our online Practice Exam that simulates the way you’ll take the CPSA exam.

Online Courses

A series of 1-hour Online Information Privacy Law Courses Series taught by Professors Solove and Schwartz will help you in preparation for the exam.


Information Privacy Law
Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz
(Aspen 7th ed. 2021)

Privacy Law Fundamentals
Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz
(IAPP 6th ed. 2022)

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